The Caffe’ Luigi Ltd. company is active in the sector of coffee, chocolate, tea, biscuits, sugar, syrups since 2000. Our target is the perfect cooperation and the quality of our products. Our main focus is the exclusive introduction and distribution of CAFFE 'LUIGI dal 1901 products.

Having acquired major brands and exclusive partnerships with well-known foreign companies, we rely on three pillars. The trade of espresso- Caffe 'Luigi dal 1901 and products with the brand Luigi - chocolates, biscuits, sugar, production and trading of our own products: filter coffee- Kronberg, greek coffee- Meraklis, instant coffee, tea, and the family of products OSCAR ‘‘a family tradition’’, chcolate beverages-Maya, Classic Chocolate, Instant Cioccolata, ChocoBoom, white chocolate- ChocoBoom White, coffee and chocolate- Freezino, Biscottino, sypups with flavors- Oscar’s Syrups, granites-Granissimo, and also professional equipment (espresso machines, mills, grinders, etc.), advertising material (labels, cups, cases, paper and plastic glasses etc.) for cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels as well as coffee shops and super markets, always in a trustworthy and responsible fashion.

With dedication and respect to the quality of our products and services, the company Caffe’ Luigi Ltd. quickly gained the trust of its partners by building long-lasting relationships with customers and suppliers. The company has today extensive experience and deep knowledge of the market and is able to offer reliable integrated solutions to satisfy even the most demanding customer based on collaboration and quality.

The continuous customer support after sales service is of great importance for our company.  For this reason a department has been set up which constantly communicates with customers, informing them about new products or new offers through our trained partners (vendors & dealers) as well as a technical inspection department.

Our goals for the immediate future are the extension of our sales network and dealers, export activities and the introduction of new quality products in the Greek market.

Panagiotis Haskos
Managing Director

Our people are the most important resource and the most valuable asset of our company.

They receive continuous training and systematic updating with internal and external seminars on issues related to their field of activity.


Our company has acquired major brands and exclusive partnerships with well-known foreign companies.


HASKOS after 10 years in the wholesale trade of coffee and related products welcomes the year 2011 with the opening of its first coffee grinder. It is about a place, where coffee lovers can buy exquisite espresso coffees, freshly cut Greek, delicious chocolates, aromatic tea, and other products for home or office. Also, espresso machines, cups, and the appropriate equipment for the preparation and the enjoyment of our products are at your disposal.

The "demand" of consumers to enjoy our products in their places has led HASKOS to create a modern coffee shop, where they can be informed by our partners about the secrets of coffee and their preparation.

Our first coffee shop is at our company's headquarters, at 217 Ymittou Street in Pagrati. Our vision is that in the next years we will start building new stores and developing a chain of modern coffee shops so that all consumers can obtain our products at wholesale prices.

Thank you very much for the support that you show to our company for ten years and we wait for you in our new place to meet you and introduce you to the secrets of coffee.