• Caffe' Luigi 1901

    Caffe' Luigi 1901 • espresso coffee

    CAFFE’ LUIGI has its roots back in 1901 in Galleria, Milan. Inspired by Luigi Bezzera, the inventor of the espresso machine, and the coffee at Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II, Milan. A famous place for fun... and for enjoying the "Supremo Espresso Milanese". In Greece, it is the most dynamic coffee company, identified with quality.

    Supremo Espresso Milanese


  • Meraklis

    Meraklis • Greek Coffee

    The traditional Greek coffee since 1975. Our grandparents, our parents enjoyed it and now our children. One of the most favorite beverage, with rich aroma and special taste for devotee.

    Greek coffee…as in the good old times!


  • Kronberg

    Kronberg • filter coffee

    Some people call it French, others call it American. But it is sure that Kronberg is special German filter coffee. In the castle of Kronberg, the secrets of taste and excellent aroma await you to conquer them.

    Fein Filter Kaffee - as the Germans say……

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  • Oscar's - Family Tradition

    OSCAR'S - FAMILY TRADITION - SYRUP • syrups with flavors for beverages

    The family Oscar since 1888 in America has created pioneering products, with excellent quality and small production, from coffee, chocolate, fruit and natural raw materials. The syrups for the coffee, chocolate and the beverages are produced based on secret recipes from the best raw materials. The syrups have pure taste, and ideally complement a good coffee or a chocolate drink revealing their gentle taste and rich aroma.

    Guaranteed quality for centuries!


  • Maya Classic Chocolate

    Maya Classic Chocolate • american classic chocolate

    The secret recipe has come from the Maya, who discovered the chocolate using the cocoa tree. Such was their respect for the grains of chocolate, that they called it "the drink of the Gods". Today, we have the privilege to present viscous, full of flavor, authentic chocolate.

    The food of the gods in new adventures...

  • Ιnstant Cioccolata

    Ιnstant Cioccolata • Italian chocolate

    The best cold chocolate, that you may have tasted. It is perfect, fantastic, with the unsurpassed Italian recipe. You can enjoy hot as well.

    I want more…

  • ChocoBoom

    Chocoboom • Chocolate beverage

    Only by its name one can imagine that ChocoBoom is an explosion of chocolate based on milk. Choose the recipe you like most and enjoy easily, quickly and simply a great chocolate beverage. An ideal cold or hot beverage.

    ChocoBoom it without any hesitation...

  • Chocoboom White

    Chocoboom White • White chocolate beverage

    With a cup of white chocolate you will enjoy its warmth and energy… and for sure its great flavor!

    Real white chocolate…

  • Freezino

    Freezino • Frozen coffee and chocolate beverage

    Freezino doesn’t mean anything in any language, but undoubtedly means a lot on taste and enjoyment. Unique sense from the majestic combination of coffee, chocolate and ice.

    Get frozen!!!

  • Biscottino

    Biscottino • White chocolate with vanilla flavor biscuits

    Frozen white chocolate beverage with vanilla flavor made in granita (water ice) machine or blender, served with sprinkled ground biscuit on top. Tasty, easy, cool and well presented…


  • Granissimo

    Granissimo • Fruit granites

    We have carefully chosen the best granite, a semi-frozen fruit puree, especially for you. Including natural fruits, without colors, so you can think as much as you like. In many wonderful fruit flavors for water ice machine or blender.

    From real fruits!

  • Melloccino

    Melloccino • natural honey

    We also have honey for coffee. Melloccino consists the new trend on coffee. The sudden blend of coffee and honey offers a flavor which will definitely astonish you. Our honey is 100% Greek, natural product and specially selected.

    Greek natural product.

  • Craft Beer

    Craft • beer

    Craft is the first microbrewery in Greece, which for the first time in Athens in 1997 started the revolution of the brewery in our country! Beer production with the taste and philosophy of small production.

    Stunning beers made from the finest varieties of malt and hop, with variety, personality, rich flavor and aroma that excite even the most demanding connoisseurs.

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