• Caffe' Luigi

    Caffe' Luigi • espresso coffee

    CAFFE’ LUIGI has its roots back in 1901 in Galleria, Milan. Inspired by Luigi Bezzera, the inventor of the espresso machine, and the coffee at Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II, Milan. A famous place for fun... and for enjoying the "Supremo Espresso Milanese". In Greece, it is the most dynamic coffee company, identified with quality.

    Supremo Espresso Milanese


  • Meraklis

    Meraklis • Greek Coffee

    The traditional Greek coffee since 1975. Our grandparents, our parents enjoyed it and now our children. One of the most favorite beverage, with rich aroma and special taste for devotee.

    Greek coffee…as in the good old times!


  • Kronberg Filter

    Kronberg • filter coffee

    Some people call it French, others call it American. But it is sure that Kronberg is special German filter coffee. In the castle of Kronberg, the secrets of taste and excellent aroma await you to conquer them.

    Fein Filter Kaffee - as the Germans say……

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  • Oscar's - Family Tradition

    OSCAR'S - FAMILY TRADITION - SYRUP • syrups with flavors for beverages

    The family Oscar since 1888 in America has created pioneering products, with excellent quality and small production, from coffee, chocolate, fruit and natural raw materials. The syrups for the coffee, chocolate and the beverages are produced based on secret recipes from the best raw materials. The syrups have pure taste, and ideally complement a good coffee or a chocolate drink revealing their gentle taste and rich aroma.

    Guaranteed quality for centuries!

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  • 7 grams Espresso

    Espresso Micro Roasters

    7 grams Espresso is more than a an Experience!

    Our coffees, only Arabica, come from seven origins, seven farms around the world, from North and Central America, to Africa, and Asia. We discuss with the farmers and care about their sustainability. Micro Roasting is an Art, we roast separately, every Arabica origin differently, using our experience and the edge of technology.

    After all, we want to Shape the Future of Coffee...

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