Company Profile

asterisk.pngCaffe’ Luigi Ltd. operates on coffee, chocolate, tea, biscuit, sugar, and syrup, business since 2000. Our mission is excellent quality products specially made for our customers.

Our portfolio has important trademarks and we lean on three main pillars: Caffe’ Luigi dal 1901 espresso and the complementary products with the Luigi trademark - small chocolates, biscuits, sugar sticks and promotional material, the production of filter coffee - Kronberg, Greek coffee - Meraklis, instant coffee - Has Cafe, tea - Zesta Tea, and OSCAR’S “a family tradition” products: chocolate beverages - Maya Classic Chocolate, Instant Cioccolata, ChocoBoom, white chocolate - ChocoBoom White, coffee and chocolate - Freezino, Biscottino, flavored syrups - Oscar’s Syrup, granite - Granissimo, and professional equipment (espresso machines, grinders, granita machines etc), promotional material (signs, cups, cases for paper and plastic cups etc.) for café, take away café, bars, restaurants, hotel and also coffee shops and retail shops, always reliably and responsibly.

We, at Caffe’ Luigi Ltd., believe and respect the quality of our products and services, thus we have gained the trust of our partners, building long term relations with customers, distributers and suppliers. Today, our people have great experience and deep knowledge of the market and are able to provide complete, reliable solutions, satisfying even the most demanding customers, based on collaboration and quality.

The after sales customer support is of great importance for our company. This is why we have set a department whose main aim is the continuous communication with customers, informing them about new products or offers, answering questions, solving issues, through our specially trained people (salesmen, agents and distributors), and further through our technical department.

Our Caffe’ Luigi Academy is ready to take you a step further.

Our vision is to create new excellent quality products and expand our worldwide network.


Our brands

CAFFE’ LUIGI dal 1901 • καφές espresso CAFFE’ LUIGI dal 1901 • Espresso coffee

CAFFE LUIGI has its origins back in 1901 in Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II, Milano. It was inspired by Luigi Bezzera, the innovator of the espresso machines, and the caffe’ in Galleria, Milano. A famous place for socializing… and enjoying the “Supremo Espresso Milanese”. Today, Caffe’ Luigi Ltd. is a boutique company, emphasizing on top quality. Quality for its products, image and promotional material. A dynamic company focusing on the future.

Original Italian espresso - Supremo Espresso Milanese

KRONBERG • καφές φίλτρου

KRONBERG • Filter coffee


Some call it French, others call it Americano. But the truth is that Kronberg is a special German filter coffee. Inside the Kronberg’s castle, the secrets of flavor and sophisticated aroma are waiting for you to conquer.

Fein Filter Kaffe as Germans say…

ΜΕΡΑΚΛΗΣ • Ελληνικός καφές

MERAKLIS • Greek coffee

The traditional Greek coffee since 1975. Has been enjoyed from our grandparents, our parents and now from our children. One of the most favorite beverages, with rich aroma and special taste for special people, who care about details.

A good day starts with a good coffee!!!

ZESTA TEA • τσάι


The tea Zesta is produced in Sri Lanka (Ceylon), a leader company on producing and exporting high quality tea worldwide, having a HACCP certificate for its factory. Zesta tea contains fresh leaves from private plantations and is packaged in a natural way to meet the international high quality standards. Each box includes individual envelops, sealing the freshness and the aroma of each flavor. There is a big variety of flavors one can pick from the wooden display!

How would you like your tea?

OSCAR'S - FAMILY TRADITION - SYRUP • σιρόπια με γεύσεις για ροφήματα

OSCAR'S - FAMILY TRADITION - SYRUP • Premium flavored syrups

Oscar family, since 1888, creates pioneer, excellent quality in small production, beverages from coffee, chocolate, fruits and natural raw materials. Our syrups for coffee, chocolate and other beverages are produced by a secret recipe from the finest ingredients. Known for their pure flavor, complement ideally a good coffee or a chocolate beverage, improving their soft flavor with their rich aroma.

Guaranteed quality!

MAYA CLASSIC CHOCOLATE • αμερικάνικη κλασική σοκολάτα

MAYA CLASSIC CHOCOLATE • American classic chocolate

Its secret recipe comes from Mayas who discovered the chocolate by using cacao tree. Such was their respect for chocolate seeds that they called it “drink of the gods”. Today, we are honored to introduce you the thick, full flavor, real chocolate.

The drink of Gods on new adventures...

ΙΝSTANT CIOCCOLATA • Ιταλική σοκολάτα

ΙΝSTANT CIOCCOLATA • Italian chocolate

The best cold chocolate you have ever tasted. It’s great, fantastic with the unsurpassed Italian recipe. You can also enjoy it hot.

I want more...


CHOCOBOOM • Ρόφημα σοκολάτας

CHOCOBOOM • Chocolate beverage

Only by the name you can imagine that ChocoBoom is an explosion of chocolate based on milk. Choose the recipe you like most and enjoy easily, quickly and simply the greatest chocolate beverage. An ideal cold or hot beverage.

ChocoBoom it fearless...

CHOCOBOOM WHITE • ρόφημα λευκής σοκολάτας

CHOCOBOOM WHITE • White chocolate beverage

Available also in white chocolate. With a cup of white chocolate you will enjoy its warmth and energy… and for sure its great flavor! Real white chocolate…

ChocoBoom it fearless...

FREEZINO • Παγωμένο ρόφημα καφέ με σοκολάτα

FREEZINO • Frozen coffee and cholate beverage

Freezino doesn’t mean anything in any language, but undoubtedly means a lot on taste and enjoyment. Unique sense from the majestic combination of coffee, chocolate and ice.

Get frozen!!!

BISCOTTINO • Λευκή σοκολάτα με άρωμα βανίλιας και τριμμένο μπισκότο

BISCOTTINO • White chocolate with vanilla flavor and ground biscuits

Frozen white chocolate beverage with vanilla flavor made in granita
(water ice) machine or blender, served with sprinkled ground biscuit on top. Tasty, easy, cool and well presented...


GRANISSIMO • Γρανίτες φρούτων

GRANISSIMO • Fruit granita

We have carefully chosen the best granita, a semi-frozen fruit puree,
especially for you. Including natural fruits, without colors, so you can drink as much as you like. In many wonderful fruit flavors for water ice machine or blender.

From real fruits!

MELLOCCINO • φυσικό μέλι

MELLOCCINO • Natural honey

We also have honey for coffee. Melloccino consists the new trend on coffee. The sudden blend of coffee and honey offers a flavor which will definitely astonish you. Our honey is 100% Greek, natural product and specially

100% Greek natural product.